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Product Description

Want to give someone a gift and don't know what to buy?

With our Gift Card there is no mistake, in addition to being easy to use, they are great options to please your friend.

The recipient receives the code by email and can choose exactly what he wants to win. Get it right in the present, that smile is guaranteed :)


  1. Access our website
  2. Choose the value of your Gift Card and click "Buy".
  3. On the payment screen, inform the email, name and message of who you are going to give.
  4. Select the payment method, complete the order and follow the instructions on the website.


  1. With your Gift Card number in hand, go to our website and choose the product you want. Click "Buy".
  2. Choose the payment method, enter the Gift Card code in the "Coupon or Gift" field. Don't forget to type it exactly as you received it.
  3. Click on "Apply" and check if the discount was given. Then complete the order and follow the instructions on the website.


  • The Gift Card can only be used on the website
  • If the total amount of the purchase is greater than that of the Gift Card, the difference may be paid according to the forms of payment available at the time of purchase.
  • The recipient may use the remaining balance for other purchases. Under no circumstances will there be credit in cash referring to the balance of the Gift Card.
  • It is possible to cancel the Gift Card within up to 7 (seven) consecutive days. Attention: after using the Card it will not be possible to cancel it. We do not cancel the Gift Card with a partial balance.
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Gift Card - Rotas Brasil ETS 2

Gift Card - Rotas Brasil ETS 2

R$ 32,00