Fruit Sider Chest

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Trailer, Sider Fruehauf!

Our product line is spectacular for our experience in producing high-end mod's. Beautiful common chest and bitrem, modeled with great affection and attention to detail. The aluminum trunk body also has a side door, aiming at greater practicality. Only Rotas Brasil provides the best for your cargo, remember safety, stability, endurance and, mainly, quality! This beautiful Mod includes:

- Amazing details in modeling
- Safety: Signaling stickers
- Common Variation and Bitrem
- Chassis colors: Customized
- Transports: Various types of freight
- Logistics for all Maps


  • Expressly prohibited its resale or distribution. Subject to penalties under Law 9,610 of February 19, 1998.
  • 7 days to request a refund on this product.
Fruit Sider Chest

Fruit Sider Chest