Volvo EDC NL10 - NL12

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Volvo EDC, the technology pioneer!

This vehicle, which became virtually immortal in the memory of almost all Brazilian truck fans, was launched by Volvo in 1996 with three power tracks: 320, 360 and 410 horses. The letters EDC refer to Electronic Diesel Control. It came with two options of rear axles: 4x2 with or without reduction, and 6x4.

We at Rotas Brasil elaborate with the greatest realism this beautiful and iconic truck, so that you have the best feeling when connecting and feeling your unique performance. Whim in design from the chassis, cab and its impeccable interior.
Have fun with this beautiful realistic Mod!

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Volvo EDC NL10 - NL12

Volvo EDC NL10 - NL12

R$ 29,90