Scania 111S

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111S, the Alligator of Scania!

The L 111, which arrived in three versions: L, LS and LT. Like its predecessors, L 75, L 76 and L 110, the 1-series models were dubbed "Alligator", all with front engine. See and drive this legend that includes chassis variants, engines from weak to powerful and even the transmission option. Cabin with a considerable variety of customization options and its amazing snoring detailed in the engine.

For more than 40 years of its manufacture, the model is still admired by many truck lovers. You may also have the feeling of directing this brute of the history of Brazil and the World. We at Rotas Brasil elaborate with the greatest realism this beautiful and iconic truck, so that you have the best feeling when connecting and feeling your unique performance.


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Scania 111S

Scania 111S

R$ 29,90