Volvo EDC NL10 - NL12

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Volkswagen Delivery 9.160

Indicated for urban deliveries with agility, speed in short and medium distance road services. With a 4,300mm wheelbase, it guarantees a payload capacity. Its four-wheel drum brake provides greater durability and efficiency, in addition to low maintenance costs.

Volkswagen Worker 8.120

Also suitable for urban areas, it fulfills what it promises with more strength and agility and this makes the model a semi-heavy truck with 6×4 traction, 260hp engine suitable for severe applications. In other words, the Volkswagen Worker serves a large area of uses.

We at Rotas Brasil designed this beautiful semi-heavyweight with the utmost realism, so that you have the best feeling when you turn on and feel your unique performance. Careful design from the chassis, cabin and its impeccable interior.
Have fun with this beautiful realistic Mod!


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Volvo EDC NL10 - NL12

Volvo EDC NL10 - NL12

R$ 29,90